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100 Billion$

Transaction Processed Per Year

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50% Pharma & FMCG

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Businesses Served Worldwide

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Whatsapp Integration

Now send Invoices, Outstanding's, Ledger Balances, Sale/Purchase Order, Reminders etc directly on customer’s WhatsApp through Marg ERP Software. Exclusively available with Marg Home Edition Version

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Direct Calling

A unique feature to Call Customers Directly from Computer at just 1 Click. Easily connect the computer with your mobile and place calls to customers/ parties. This automated process saves time & reduces manual work

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My Shop QR Code

A revolutionary way of Contactless Business. Give your customers the privilege of ordering just by scanning the code. Print QR code & paste outside your shop/ counter. Customers can directly scan & place orders

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eRetail Web Application

Retailers can now place online orders directly to Distributors from Marg ERP Software, Check the status of all Orders, View nearby Retailer, Compare
Best Deals, Save Time & Efforts & much more

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Live Credit Limit Management

Never miss on any customer by setting Live Credit Limits with Credit Limit Management option. Set the credit limit for customers & get live notification whenever you reach the limit

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Auto-Cloud Backup

Marg ERP enables user to backup all
the data on Google Drive & One Drive. Users can access the data from anywhere and restore the backup as per the requirement.

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Sales on Google Map

Track Your Sales through Google Satellite Map; Filter data- Date, Route, Company & Salesman wise. Find new Customer & Grow your business.

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Strike High Sale Management

The Push Sale feature perceives Focused, Dump and Near Expiry Items and aides in controlling the dump and Near Expiry items along with doing sale of the dump and near expiry items.

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Collaborative Commerce

Collaborative commerce is the most recent a platform wherein user can upload and download their invoices
and all the mismatch conditions are totally eradicated through this system.

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Electronically upload B2B invoices authenticated by Invoice Registration Portal (IRP), Export invoices and Credit/Debit Notes for use on the common GST portal.

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Purchase & Sale Claim

The advanced feature Claims & Statements allows you to keep the track of the benefits of claim against the purchases which is being done. Get timely reminders so that, you don’t miss any deal

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PDF Purchase Import

Directly import purchase through PDF, CSV, Excel, XML, or any format into
Marg Software. No need for conversion. Saves times & reduce the chances of errors.

Marg® Erp integrated Mobile Apps

Marg eRetail App for Retailers to place orders

eRetail is a cloud-based Android & iOS Mobile App solution designed specifically for Retail Chains & Stores (C&F’s stores, retailers working in sales and product ordering), which automates the order process without involving the need for manual intervention.

Marg eRetail App help retailers in placing orders to their suppliers, track their short supplies & offers, stock rate, schemes, outstanding & invoices all at one place with much ease. Also, retailers can add products in the cart for future purchases.

Features of eRetail app

  • Placing order: Place orders to your nearby/registered suppliers anytime anywhere
  • Order Tracking & Dispatches: Track the status of orders placed, bills generated, dispatches & short supplies
  • Stock: View and compare multiple distributor stock rate, deals, & schemes
  • Invoices: Check invoices from all your distributors at one place
  • Ledger: Checkout ledger balance, outstanding & PDC
  • Tax Summary: Get Tax Statement Reconciliation & Summaries

Marg eOrder App for Taking orders by saleman

Marg eOrder App is packed with numerous features which can benefit distributors/suppliers in performing their business operations like an automated collection of orders & payments, instant information of stock details, push-sale and on-spot acknowledgement.

Customer-driven features of eOrder App:

  • Ordering: Order placed by the salesman appears immediately on Marg ERP
  • Collection: Direct collection of payments from retailers with date, time and outstanding details
  • Stock: Access to real-time stock with relevant information like product rate and schemes
  • Location: Marg Salesman App can locate retailers with ease
  • Multiple company provision

Marg eOwner App to keep complete track for your business 

Owner keeps a strong vigilance on your business and is a perfect Management app for entrepreneurs (Retailers, Distributors & C&F’s). The app keeps eyes on Sales, Collection & GPS tracking of field staff which guarantees an increase in the sales revenue which influences on time business decision making power and assures 100% business success.

eOwner is a cloud based system integrated with MARG ERP 9+ which provide real time information for businesses to take an instant business decision.The eOwner app allows you to manage multiple businesses at one go and gives an in-depth analysis of your inventory.

The app gives a clear view of your financial reports like balance sheet, cash& bank, profit & loss, debtors balance and creditors balance.

The features of eOwner app

  • Field staff tracking : Easy tracking of field staff
  • Stock : In-depth analysis of stock details
  • Outstanding : Clear overview of clients outstanding any time
  • Purchase order : Easy modification of purchase orders
  • Financial reports : Keep eye on accounting activities
  • Easy to use : Adaptable or feasible in nature

SFAXpert -Felid Force Management App

CRM/SFA Solution is an online reporting software which ensure online reporting for field force and provides crucial information such as their daily calls, Monthly sales report territory wise, automatic missed call alert etc in a well designed user friendly and industry specific formats.

It is generally acknowledged by top Pharmaceutical organizations for their employs as it tracks GPS location of sales employee and manage their day to day activities by capturing authentic data from point of execution. The app also reduces the redundant form filling and manual information processing.

Features of SFA which makes it widely accepted

  • Stock sales analysis
  • Easy Connectivity with Marg
  • Dash Board Notification
  • Attendance& expenses
  • GPS tracking

PharmaNXT -Medicine & Salt Formation App

Pharma NXT is an application extremely valuable for Chemists, Pharmacists and Medical Stores where chemist can seek information of more than 3 lakh medicines with their salts at one go. The app also gives info about adjacent suppliers based on selected location.

PharmaNXT has some impressive features

  • Side Effects : Know about the medication’s side effects, assuming any, for a specific condition of the patient like pregnancy and so on..
  • For Distributors & Wholesalers : Distributors can feed their complete profile with the companies they are dealing in, so that the Chemist can get information.
  • For Manufacturers : Manufacturing Companies can feed their complete information with items manufactured, their salt compositions and distributors, so that chemist can get information.

GPS Tracker  App

The GPS Tracking Application of Marg ERP helps in tracking of Field staff activity, allows a smart scheduling and gives real-time updates about the field sales force which ensures positive consumer experience. The GPS tracking system assures the smooth running of any business operation, increased workers’ punctuality and ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

Benefits of GPS Tracking system

  • Improved punctuality
  • Decreased Fuel costs
  • Increased Productivity

Simple and Affordable Pricing

MargERP 9+

(Inventory & Accounting Software)

Basic Edition

 ₹ 999/- (12 Monthly EMI)

( Limited Edition )

18% GST Inclusive

  • 1 User Full Rights
  • ₹ 3000/- per extra user
  • Maximum 2 users
  • *T&C Apply

Basic Edition

 ₹ 8999/-

( Limited Edition )

18% GST Extra

  • 1 User Full Rights
  • ₹ 3000/- per extra user
  • Maximum 2 users

Silver Edition

 ₹ 12600/-

18% GST Extra

  • 1 User Full Rights
  • 1 User For View Only
  • ₹ 3000/- per extra user

Gold Edition

 ₹ 25200/-

18% GST Extra

  • Unlimited Users


(Online Cloud-Based Software)


 ₹ 5400/- 

( Limited Edition )
  • 1 User Full Rights
  • $ 100/- per extra user
  • Maximum 2 users


 ₹ 8100/-

  • 1 User Full Rights
  • 1 User For View Only
  • $ 100/- per extra user


 ₹ 15300/-


  • Unlimted User

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